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[4qd-bannvalley] Music & entertainment, 18th & 19th centuries

Hi Alison,
Have you ever heard of "Throwing Bullets"?  No, it's not an early version of
our sectarian troubles, it is a game, often played for money, whereby men
threw heavy iron or lead balls as far as they could up main roads.
Sometimes the game would go on for hours and they would cover many miles.
In the end, it had to be banned by the police because so many unsuspecting
travellers were being hit by the balls!
I am in the process of reading "Sentry Hill" by Brian Walker and although
the farming folk described lived further south in County Antrim, I doubt if
it was much different from the Bann Valley.  An excellent read for the
social history of the 19th century, it can be obtained from Ulster Books.
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> Hello...
> What sort of music & entertainment did our forebears in this area --the
> Bann River Valley-- enjoy during the 18th or 19th centuries?  How can
> we find out?
> Late night musings from the Annapolis Valley ;-).
> Cheers,
> Alison