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[4qd-bannvalley] McKAY and CAMPBELL, Lislea townland, Kilrea parish

Hi Pauline,

Like everyone else, I have McKays from Lislea who married into my
Bellinghams from Culmore.  However, I am much more interested in the other
McKays you mention, who came from east of the Bann.  You identify
specifically the Portneal Lodge hotel, which, I believe, is also in Culmore,
in the Parish of Rasherkin but my great great grandfather, William McKay,
gave Church Tamlaght on his marriage certificate in 1851 and then seems to
have lived in Carnfinton.  His daughter gave Lisheegan as her residence on
her marriage certificate.

Church Tamlaght and Carnfinton are neighbouring townlands in the Parish of
Rasharkin about two miles east of Culmore.  Lisheegan is about one mile
north east of Culmore.  William's father was called John McKay, born circa

I wonder do these names figure in your "complex listing" of McKay families?