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[4qd-bannvalley] Music & entertainment, 18th & 19th centuries

'Ordinance Survey Memoirs Co Londonderry VIII Vol 27 which 
covers the Kilrea etc areas has a heading Amusements on page 
" The custom of singing in summer at the River Bann continues 
in this parish. The Catholics are still in the habit of singing at 
their funerals. Instead of the keeny they use psalms and 
sometimes instrumental music such as clarinets.
Drunkenness and dram-drinking prevails to a ruinous extent 
among all. There is no distinct temperance society as yet 
belonging to the parish -----"

However (page 114) card playing, dice playing, cock fighting 
and all nocturnal amusements are strictly prohibited.
Lots more interesting bits if you trawl through the book. 
Pauline O'Keeffe

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Subject: [4qd-bannvalley] McKays
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On Tuesday, January 11, 2005, at 06:05  pm, Barbara Braswell wrote:

> Alison,
> These may be too late for your particular interest,
> but hope it helps you some. Let me know if you have
> any questions.
> MCKAY extracted from Kilrea Parish Church 1829-1849
> #908817, Item 3, LDS

Thank you very much for this, Barbara.  I'm not sure what I can glean 
from this.  Ultimately, I was hoping to link our gr-gr-grandmother, 
Jane McKay (c1810-1886) to her brothers & sisters ... which is 
difficult to do without names of parents in the marriage entries.  
Still, there's lots of McKAYs from Lislea, yes?  ;-)

I wonder, though, why some were written in as McCoy vs McKay ... are, 
or were, these two names pronounced differently?