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[4qd-bannvalley] KILPATRICK & KIRKPATRICK births, Ballymoney R.D., 1881 - 1901

On Sunday, January 16, 2005, at 10:59  pm, Alison Causton wrote:

> This post consists of two segments:
> (1) KILPATRICK & KIRKPATRICK entries in the Irish civil registration 
> indices for births
> 	for the period 1881-1901, for the Ballymoney Registration District; 
> and,
> (2) registration details for several of these births.

I should explain:
- these extractions were made at the GRONI [General Register Office of 
Northern Ireland] in Belfast in November, 2003.
- the extractions commence at 1881 because the FHC registration films 
for births run out after 1880, before picking up again in about 1901.
- but no, I have not (yet!) managed to get the extractions done for the 
period 1872-1881 because (!) we moved away (1200 miles away!) from the 
FHC where I had painstakingly (and at some expense, grrr) ordered in 
all the Irish civil registration index films and been kept on 
indefinite loan.  On the other hand, hopefully those patrons are 
getting some good use out of them, eh? ;-)