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[4qd-bannvalley] KILPATRICK births, 1864-1872

On Monday, January 17, 2005, at 10:43  am, Colleen Morrison Robinson=20

> Thank you very much for this list, Alison.=A0 I will use it with my=20
> KIRKPATRICK research as I know the two names were used=20
> interchangeably.=A0 In fact, I have a tape recording of my mother's=20
> cousin referring to the KIRKPATRICK branch as "Kilpatrick".
> =A0
> Colleen MORRISON Robinson
> Whitby, Ontario=A0

Colleen, another thought occurs to me ... Have your family been in=20
Whitby for a long time, i.e. since emigraton?  I ask because Whitby is=20=

not far from where our KILPATRICKs landed at Prescott, in 1847.  I have=20=

a couple of Irish KILPATRICKs identified in the earlier Canadian=20
censuses at Prescott, besides our Samuel, whom I am trying to identify.=20=

  Have wondered if they were related back in Ireland.