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[4qd-bannvalley] KILPATRICK births, 1864-1872

On Monday, January 17, 2005, at 03:48  pm, Colleen Morrison Robinson=20

> Alison, Whitby is very far from Prescott. I know this because my=20
> husband's Robinsons, from Co. Tyrone, lived in the Prescott area and=20=

> we've been there, looking at graves, etc.=A0 So, there would not be a=20=

> link around Whitby.
> Colleen

Yes, I see what you mean:  I just checked via MapQuest, and it's a=20
distance of 190 miles.  Still, our great-grandfather's sister lived=20
with the family in Prescott and in 1858 married a fella (also an=20
emigrant from Ireland) living in Whitby.  I think that connections like=20=

those might have been facilitated by the Presbyterian church (or=20
whichever denomination one belonged to), who knows.