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[4qd-bannvalley] GILMORE, THOMPSON, from in or near Londonderry, NIR; 1750-1800

GILMORE, THOMPSON, from in or near Londonderry, NIR;
1750-1800. We have an immigrant GILMORE ancestor and
wife, Hanna,  with 7 children: William, James, Robert,
Sarah, Mary, Rebecah, and Andrew Thompson who came to
America about 1800. I believe they settled briefly in
New York City, then moved to central New York State,
Onondaga Co., by about 1830. Sicne the youngest son's
middle name is Thompson, I believe there is a
connection between the GILMORE and THOMPSON families
in my line. 
Does anyone recognise such a connection in this area
of Ulster? I would sure like to determine the given
name of this immigrant GILMORE ancestor. Any help
would be appreciated. Thanks. Evalyn (Gilmor) Demeaux,

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