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[4qd-bannvalley] GILMORE, THOMPSON, from in or near Londonderry, NIR; 1750-1800

David, my ancestors were John Gilmour, d. 1847 aged 58 and his wife 
Nancy Thompson, d. 1879 age 85; they lived and died, as far as I know 
in co. Derry;  he was a Gilmour of Inchaleen, near Garvagh, and she was 
apparently from the Camus, near Coleraine. I don't think these can be 
your ancestors, since they didn't emigrate; it is likely that there 
were other places where these two families lived close to each other. 
It is possible however that there were other Gilmour Thompson marriages 
within this same connection; once a marriage between families took 
place, it increased the likelihood that there would be subsequent 
connections. Keep in touch!

Linde Lunney