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[4qd-bannvalley] RE: Emigration Records

Hi List Contributors,

I understand that there is a Emigration Database for the 19th century at the
Local Studies Department of the Education and Library Board in Londonderry.
Does anyone on the List know how this or any emigration records could be
accessed on the internet or my email?

I live in the USA and because of health problems can never again travel to
Ulster.  My grandmother, Sarah Cunningham and her sisters Annie and Maggie,
who were all born in Liscal, near Garvagh, Co. Derry came as single ladies
to the USA around 1875-1880.  I have never found any immigration records for
them for when they entered this country.  They were all under 21 and I have
not found who were their sponsors when they entered the USA.  Any help or
suggestions would be appreciated.

Theda J. Brinker