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[4qd-bannvalley] KILPATRICK marriages, 1845-1872

Dear Alison,

well, I did find a relative in  your records; one of the brides was 
Sally Leitch, who is my great great great aunt. And since she married a 
Kirkpatrick of Rasharkin,  this adds another Kirkpatrick family  to my 
ever growing list of Kirkpatrick relatives; three in different areas 
now. Is anyone descended from  these Rasharkin people? I'd like to 
contact anyone who's interested.

Very many thanks for posting this information; I didn't know about 
Sally at all. It's been quite interesting; my knowledge of these Leech 
or Leitch siblings has been built up almost entirely through 
information posted by descendants or on the  internet, rather than 
through family tradition or trawling through records myself. I knew my 
great great great grandmother, and her parents; then through the North 
Antrim list, I was contacted by a descendant of her brother's; I knew 
about her sister Bessie who married McLister, and I found them in a 
Pennsylvania census online. Now Sally has turned up. Very satisfying!

Many thanks