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[4qd-bannvalley] KILPATRICK marriages, 1845-1872

Dear Alison, here is a note that I sent in October to Lynette Rabitt in=20=

Australia, who is a relative through the Leeches, to give you a bit of=20=


a quick note with another scrap of information which I don't think I=20
passed on to you; I only realized today that a page of notes=20
originating from my great great uncle John Taylor had information about=20=

the Leeches which is not found in the more detailed and elaborate=20
memoir written by his brother William. John Taylor noted that his=20
mother's younger sister Peggy Ann Leitch married Robert Adams who lived=20=

on the river Bann near Kilrea. I knew about him, but didn't know where=20=

they lived or her Christian name. Then they had a brother William=20
Leitch who emigrated to America and settled near Pittsburgh; his=20
daughter Mame married Frank McCoy, presum. in AMerica. Another sister=20
was Bessie Leitch who married John McLister and lived near Kittanning,=20=

Pa. This may be the same McLister family who were good to my Great GM=20
Matilda when she was young; she lived with a Mrs McLister for a time at=20=

the Coole, wherever that is, and this helped her "improve her mind".=20
William Taylor said there were three Leech brothers of his mother;=20
William and your James; we still need one.