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[4qd-bannvalley] Large messages - ALL please read

Hi Richard,

I was particularily interested in the point you make about sending info to
you to be posted on the site.  Is this easy to do?  I think it was you who
recently pointed out that data sent to the list is transitory.  It is
archived, where it is only available to those clever enough to access the
archives, and eventually it is lost altogether.  This made me think, as did
the well deserved rebuke I recently received from Janet from Oz (Flemming)!
So many other listers must be like me and frequently extract data from
church records, civil records, censuses etc, which pertains only to our own
interests, but which might nevertheless also be useful to a few other
researchers.  We all must have vast amounts of data.

If there was a place on the site for all listers to submit their data, then,
although no church or census/townland would actually be complete in the same
way as 1st Kilrea is, for example, it might prove a very useful source.  You
already seem to have something like this just for churches here -
http://www.4qd.org/bann/church/.  And if it was relatively easy to submit it
to the site, then we would all be happy to post it there.  Well, I certainly
would.  I have all my data on Access and would be happy to submit it if it
was not too technical and did not involve much more than copying and pasting
what I already have.

If this is a silly idea, just let me down gently.  Oh, and thank you very
much for providing what has always been for me the most useful genealogy
site on the internet.  You must put an awful lot of hard work into it.