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[4qd-bannvalley] GILMORE, THOMPSON, from in or near Londonderry, NIR; 1750-1800

My ancesters, John Boyd and Mary Gilmore married in 1814.  They were of
Culnaman, near Garvagh in the 1841 and 1851 census (census extracts).  Mary
Gilmore was born in about 1781 of Drummain and died in 1856 in Culnaman at
age 75.  I suspect her father was Thomas Gilmore.

John Boyd may have been the son of Archibald Boyd of Inshaleen (1796 Garvah
Church Visitation, Rev. James Brown)  Family tradition has John as a
bleacher and there were bleach greens at Inshaleen at one time.  John was
born in 1787 and died in 1864, age 77.

Their children are as follows:
Jane Boyd, married and went to Scotland, left two children: Soloman and John
with the grandparents for awhile.
William Boyd was born in 1822 and died in 1843, age 21.
Hugh Boyd married Ann Brown of Londonderry and immigrated with their two
oldest children to Canada and then Ohio in 1847.

Boyds and Gilmores were in both Inshaleen and Culnaman.  In fact there are
to many to figure out easily.  Has anyone made a study of these two

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> David, my ancestors were John Gilmour, d. 1847 aged 58 and his wife
> Nancy Thompson, d. 1879 age 85; they lived and died, as far as I know
> in co. Derry;  he was a Gilmour of Inchaleen, near Garvagh, and she was
> apparently from the Camus, near Coleraine. I don't think these can be
> your ancestors, since they didn't emigrate; it is likely that there
> were other places where these two families lived close to each other.
> It is possible however that there were other Gilmour Thompson marriages
> within this same connection; once a marriage between families took
> place, it increased the likelihood that there would be subsequent
> connections. Keep in touch!
> Linde Lunney