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[4qd-bannvalley] the McCaughan family

i am reserching my grandfather james andrew mccaughan known as andy. he was
born on 28th march 1916 in ballyrock castlequarter ballymoney. fathers name
james mccaughan [occupation soldier- anyone know what regiments were here
then?] mothers name jane mccaughan [nee Mcfahey-name seems to be wrong could
be fahey or fahey] nothing else is know about these two. i have searched
indexs for marriages up to 1900, as i am in england its difficult here. i
havent found any other siblings yet either. can any one tell me what school
james andrew might have gone to? on his service record he signed up to the
scottish rifles for 90 days in june 1940 was this regiment in ireland or was
he over here then? i know how and where he died and that he was killed in
1944. on his service record he has listed home parish as bushill! i think
this should be bushmills unless you know better! the coman sense of opinion
from my father seems to think there was a sister and brother, but no trace
so far. any ideas on parish churches, school records, etc. army records etc.
all suggestions gratefully recieved-
susan mccaughan grandaughter- frustrated!!