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[4qd-bannvalley] Re: Needed a Map

Hi Richard,
Am curious if you aren interested in information for your site on people who
left the area..Family name of HUNTER.
 I've obits, cemetery info etc,  for my family -baptised in Boveedy Pres
Church(Thanks Barbara!) that I would be happy to share. The parents and
children moved to Dundas Co. Ontario, Canada in 1921.
I would be happy to contribute, your site and mailing list has been so
helpful to me tracing down my family.
Thank you for all of your hard work!
Jen Wylie
Ont. Canada

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> > Hello List,
> > Where can I locate a good, detailed map of the Garvagh area of County
> > Derry?
> The Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland, sheet 8
> http://www.osni.gov.uk/
> Very good maps. Problem: they are modern maps and the place names most
> listers want to know about are thoae existing around 1800 or earlier.
> A modern map is a huge help though.
> http://www.4qd.org/bann/Geography/placenames.html
> is a page I started (hoping to have others from the list contribute) on
> which are listed placenames with their modern equivalents and a map
> reference so they may be located on the modern OS map.
> <HINT>So far, nobody has contributed to this list</HINT>
> > From reading the queries on the list, persons have mentioned Inchaleen,
> > Culnaman as being near Garvagh.
> You could use the existing list to identify these places!
> > I am working on the
> > Cunningham/Paul/Scott line from Liscall and Gartnomoynah,
> .. and these!
> > near Garvagh.
> > These queries  mentioned the surnames of Boyd and Gilmore both of which
> > show up in my Cunningham lineage.
> > Theda J. Brinker