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[4qd-bannvalley] Kennedy/Gilmore #3 of 3

This is all of considerable interest, both for those of us interested 
in early n.Irish  history and those interested in the 1718 and later 
migrations.  You are so lucky to have such an amount of information; it 
might well be of importance to any number of people locally, to fill 
out sketch family histories.  There are a few slight queries
. First of all, Ballywillen in the parish of Aghadowey is in co. 
Londonderry, and the note about a county Antrim origin therefore looks 
a bit astray. The names Gilmour and Kennedy certainly are those one 
would expect in Aghadowey; they're still there in quantity!  Given 
would be much more  of a co. Antrim name.  I'll pass on your message to 
someone who is researching co. Antrim Givens. Another possible location 
is the  parish of Ballywillin which is (mostly) in co. Antrim; it's 
close to the town of Coleraine, and there may be a small portion of the 
parish of Ballywillin in the county of Londonderry, though the surnames 
you mention aren't strongly associated with this parish.
One possible scenario is that the Gilmours and Kennedys were from 
Ballywillen in co. Londonderry and the Givens were from co. Antrim. It 
is entirely possible that people could be related to families from the 
next county, even at that date. The minister of Aghadowey in the early 
1600s was a rev. Boyd, who I believe was of a county Antrim family;  a 
family of Cargills went from Aghadowey to New Hampshire in 1718, and 
one of them was married to a man from Ballymoney, co.  Antrim, McKean.

there are Blairs in most areas of NI; certainly the Aghadowey Blairs 
were very prominent in the early 18th c. and before.

Not sure how much this will help; I'll keep an eye out for possible 
confirmation of locations of your family, and I hope that hearing from 
people researching these families here in Ireland will help in the long 

all the best

Linde Lunney