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[4qd-bannvalley] Re: Needed a Map

Hello Theda,

According to a Map I have, Culnaman lies immediately east of Moneydig, and
Moneydig is a short ways east from Garvagh.  Don't have a scale on the map
to estimate the distance. A54 is just to the east of Culnaman, and the Bann
River is just east of A54.  It appears that Ballyagan is immediately north
of Garvagh and Inshaleen immediatly north of Ballyagan, both lying east of

We've previoiusly communicated on my ancestor, Sarah Paul, who married
Matthew McNeary in November 1826 in the 1st Garvagh Presbyterian Church.
That is still all I have on Sarah. Our family apparently moved over to the
Moneydig Presbyterian Church after it formed, I think in the mid 1830s.


Bill McNeary

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> Hello List,
> Where can I locate a good, detailed map of the Garvagh area of County