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[4qd-bannvalley] Place names Hint followup


Following up on your Place Names hint, my McNeary ancestors are from
Magheramore and possibly Tirkeeran.  They show up in the 1st Garvagh
visitations at Magheramore, which was spelled differently on several

Based on my opinion and the map I have, I suggest the following:

Tarcherin and Turcheran are likely variations of the townland Tirkeeran.
Tirkeeran is almost immediately south of Garvagh on the west side of A29.

Machilmore later referred to as Magheramore, borders Tirkeeran on the south,
with a road between, and also borders A29.

Tirkeeran Road, I think still exists.  Wonder if it is the south boundary of
Tirkeeran, or the west boundary, or is it elsewhere?


Bill McNeary
(William Wilson McNeary II)

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> http://www.4qd.org/bann/Geography/placenames.html
> is a page I started (hoping to have others from the list contribute) on
> which are listed placenames with their modern equivalents and a map
> reference so they may be located on the modern OS map.
> <HINT>So far, nobody has contributed to this list</HINT>