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[4qd-bannvalley] Re: Needed a Map

Hello Bill,

Thanks for the information that I requested regarding a map of the Garvagh
area.  Your clarification of some towns/villages was a great help to me.

Regarding the PAUL surname, I have nothing more to offer you.  Last March I
wrote to several persons with the Paul surname taken from the Garvagh
telephone directory.  I never got a response.

On the same date, I wrote to several persons with the surname of Cunningham,
because my  Margaret Paul married Alexander Cunningham and both are buried
in the graveyard of Main Street Presbyterian Church in Garvagh.  Through the
generosity of a friend in Canada who visited the Garvagh area in 2003 to
attend a wedding, I have a picture of my great grand parents graves.  I
noticed that fresh flowers were on the grave which told me there had to be a
relative in that area.

My letter circulated and in April I received an email from Iain Matthew of
Garvagh saying his wife had placed the flowers on the grave.  To make a long
story shorter, Iain's wife Yvonne Cunningham is my second cousin and her
grandfather and my grandmother were brother and sister.  She plans on coming
to USA in July 2005 so that we can have a week together.  I have suggested
that she be on the look out for Pauls also.  If she finds anything, I will
pass it on to you.

Margaret Campbell, mcampbel3@xxxxxxxxxxx is hunting Pauls in the Garvagh
area.  Her interest lies in Isabella Paul who married Samuel Devenny in 1847
and went to New Brunswich, Canada.  Maybe you might want to write to her.

Thanks for your reply.

Theda J. Brinker