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[4qd-bannvalley] 1831 Census


I checked the 1831 microfiche in the Irish Room in Coleraine and only found
one Bolton/Boulton (Hugh of Dullaghy) in the whole of County Londonderry.  I
realised at the time that this was very odd because there are so many
Boltons in the GV for T O'C, so, was I going blind, or is there some problem
with the microfiche I was consulting?  I await any reply from other Listers
with interest.


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> Hi Listers,
> Does anyone have a copy of the 1831 Census for
> Ballynian, Tamlaght O'Crilly Parish?  I am looking for
> any Boltons/Boultons that may have been living there.
> Thanks a bunch!
> Barbara