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[4qd-bannvalley] Re: Needed a Map

Clubhil is on my map, Theda.  I will scan it to you.

--- "Theda J.Brinker" <tjbrink@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Margery,
> Sorry I can not help you with the Paul surname even
> I am willing to share
> what I have found in my research.  I have nothing on
> an Isabel Paul no
> matter what the date.
> There are not too many persons that I have found
> working on this surname in
> the general Garvagh area.  I have filed your data in
> my notes for future
> reference.  If I find something, you will hear from
> me.  My Margaret Paul m.
> Alexander Cunningham and they lived and died in
> Liscall, but are buried in
> the graveyard at the Main Street Presbyterian Church
> in Garvagh.
> Wish someone on the list who had access to the 1831
> census would check and
> see just where they were located at that time.
> Margaret's marriage records
> tells that she lived in Clubhill or Clubhile, but I
> have no idea where that
> would be.
> Thanks for writing and have a good day.
> Theda J. Brinker