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[4qd-bannvalley] Kennedy/Gilmore/Blair

Hi Linde and Ted,

Happen to have the Hearth Money Roll List for 1669 for the part of
Ballywillin Parish in County Antrim. No GIVEN or variants listed.

Index of Mullin's book "Families of Ballyrashane" has:
Given (Gavin), 5, 6, 301, 347, 354.
Givens of Ballybogey, 347, 354.
Givens of Lisconnan, 24, 254, 259, 347.
Givens of Shellfield, 347, 348.

 Page 5 ref. Antrim Rent Roll of 1641 has David Gevin of Drumaduan. Is
Drumaduan the same as Dundooan in the County Londonderry part of Ballywillin

The page 6 reference is to an old tombstone in the old cemetery (no
inscription is given).
Lisconnan and Shellfield are a bit further from County Londonderry.

There is GARVAN in the 1666 Hearth Money Rolls for Ballyrashane Parish:
Andrew Garvan, Revallagh townland
John Garvan, Ballywatt Leggs townland

Hope it helps rather than confuses.


> Hearthmoney Rolls of 1663, there was a David Givenn in the townland of
> Collins, in Aghadowey parish. I don't have the Ballywillin parish listing
> here; it's in co. Antrim. I can check for you. There might well be Givens
> there too, (there were Givens in Coleraine, which is 4 miles from
> Ballywillin parish,  by at least the 1740s) but the first name David is
> interesting isn't it?