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[4qd-bannvalley] Re: Ordnance Survey Memoirs Of Ireland

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Are you able to do lookups? If it's not too much trouble I'd appreciate your looking for a Hugh Semple in Aghadowey parish (Killykergan & Garvagh area). It would help me establish a date for his arrival in Londonderry from Scotland.

Thanks, Troy Semple


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Just received my copy of Vol 27 which covers the parishes of Co. Londonderry VIII 1830, 1833- 7, 1839. I learned of these publications a few weeks ago. They were published in 1994.

My Carmichael family owned about 10 acres just outside of Kilrea. How do I find out how they obtained this land?

Do the Mercers' Company record exist? Does anyone know how to see or obtain copies in the USA?
Ann in Oklahoma USA