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[4qd-bannvalley] GILMORE, THOMPSON, from in or near Londonderry, NIR; 1750-1800

Linde and David,

I read with interest Linde's reply to David (see below).  I thought I
would pass along the following in the event it might be pertinent.

One of the offspring of my ancestral group who migrated from Ulster
to Massachusetts, ca 1718 was a William Kennedy, born in 1723.  He
married Eliphal (Eliphlet) Thompson, daughter of John and Bridget
(Almy) Thompson, on 15 March 1777, in Blandford, Massachusetts.  This
William Kennedy could have been the brother, or even the son of the
Thomas Kennedy I spoke of in my earlier corerspondence....the Thomas
Kennedy who married Jane (Janet)_ Gilmore in 1735, in Bridgewater,

Ted Noble
Gualala Ca