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[4qd-bannvalley] Re: Ordnance Survey Memoirs Of Ireland


Thanks for the very informative message. They contain
more than I had guessed.


--- Tim Kane <timoka@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> David --
> The Memoirs were the running written notes made by
> the military surveyors
> who were mapping Ireland as part of the Ordnance
> Survey.  They have
> descriptions of the land, the townlands, the
> government institutions, the
> occupants, the life, the religions, the schools,
> public buildings, the
> gentry, ancient forts and grave sites, sometimes
> even letters from
> emigrants from the local town or parish, and much
> more.  In Northern
> Ireland there are usually about two parishes per
> volume.  They give an
> excellent snapshot of the life and times in a
> particular place at the time
> of the survey there, e.g. a particular year between
> 1820's - 1830's.  If
> your ancestor was a community leader, gentry,
> clergy, major landholder,
> etc., he may well be mentioned.  I even found a
> mention of (who I believe
> is) my gggrandfather when they mentioned his public
> house on a particular
> roadway in his townland.   They're great!  Available
> in US through IGSI
> (Irish Genealogical Society International) in
> Minneapolis.
> Tim
> Seattle