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[4qd-bannvalley] Re: My Site...Lavonne..An update

My site=B9s URL:=20

A couple of things that I would like to report on:

1.  Records from Richard=B9s Site, then to
Bann Valley Church records, then to
First Garvagh...Warning Section . The records from my site  will in time
will by transferred by Richard and replace this section on his
site...Baptisms and Marriages. Another group did the Baptisms and Marriages
but errors were found.
I therefore ordered the microfilm from Proni and redid the baptisms and
marriage. I checked and double checked my transcriptions.  If anyone is
interested in me sending them the original copy of a particular section and
double check my work, I would be delighted and even feel more comfortable
with my data. =20
Richard and I did this with the Visitation records and were very successful
in working together.

2.  Under the Torrence section at the first of my site , Derek Torrens sent
me the information and I marked it up without changing or modifying any of
his information and included it in this section.  I know he spent many hour=
acquiring this information and I know that it will be useful.

3.  Since I have copies of the First Garvagh Baptisms and Marriages, I can
scan a section that an individual might be interested in.  I would have to
add a section to my page just for that purpose.  I have a macintosh and whe=
images goes through via email, the recipent has to have a program that
unstuff the image.  I doubt if many people have that capablity but having a
section on my page, you could click and drag it to your desktop.

4.  Also new for Moneydig Presbyterian Church are indicated by =B3New=B2 on thi=
section. =20

5.  There are also other new areas on my site.

6.  Under ORDNANCE SURVEY MEMOIRS, is a map of the Parishes of Desertoghill
and Errigal.  There is no key or date.  At one time, someone emailed me tha=
the map was not old but I have always found it useful in locating downlands=

Lavonne Kennedy Bradfield