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[4qd-bannvalley] Jamieson/Molyneux/Hill of Garvagh

Families mentioned in this posting:

Hello to the Bann Valley group,

First: Richard-I hope this posting isn't too long. I know you prefer =
messages and I tried to limit what I wrote!

I am searching for my JAMIESON/MOLYNEUX/HILL ancestors from Garvagh,
Culleyramer, Moneydig areas. I am descended from John Jamieson (b. 1757
Culleyramer, died 1839 Ont. Canada) who emigrated in 1818 to Canada with =
wife Matilda HILL (d. Ont. Canada-listed as Martha? in 1796 Garvagh
Visitation list). Emigrating with them was one grown son William =
(b. 1790 Culleyramer, d. 1879 Ont. Canada), William's wife Margaret =
(b. 1797 Ireland-d. 1884 Canada) and their 1 year-old son John.  One =
son we know of was left behind in Garvagh region (named John Jamieson =
with 3
known sons John, William and James, and 2nd wife Jane MOLYNEUX-this =
is confirmed in the 1818 Garvagh Visitation list). Other known Jamiesons
remaining in the region were two cousins Archibald JAMIESON (of
"Brookfield") and Robert JAMIESON (of "Farm Hill")-they and some =
are recorded in the Garvagh visitation lists for various years. =
(and Jane's?) father John MOLYNEUX/MOLYNEAUX died Garvagh 1846, =
according to
some family written history--I have not yet found records of this; his =
Margaret MOONY apparently died young. I have been through all the =
records provided on the Bann Valley site and have found a number of
different records pertaining to some of the remaining Jamiesons (also
spelled Jamison, Jameson in the records). I have also seen Jamiesons
appearing on various family trees published on the Bann Valley site, but =
have no idea if these are Jamiesons related to my family. I have not =
anything about the Molyneux family in this region, although one family
appears in Antrim, nor is there anything about a Hill family.

I have a great deal of information about the emigrant Jamieson family =
descendants as they spread across Canada in the following 2 centuries =
I can share with anyone who is interested); what I would like to find =
are any descendants of the families remaining in Ireland, plus of course
anything about their roots extending back to Scotland.

Irish Information I know:=20

According to family lore, the original Jamieson home in Ireland was at
Culleyramer around the turn of the 18th century, and was where at least =
generations of Jamiesons resided. By 1883 (long after my Jamiesons had =
Ireland) the property was apparently owned by Hugh Rankin MORRISON of
Moneydig. Other family sources say that opposite the Garvagh Presby. =
(where a relative -- Rev. Archibald Jamieson -- was a minister) was a
building (used in the 1880s to store carriages and implements) that was =
family home of the Jamiesons. I don't know if the two above mentioned =
are the same one, or not - or if it/they are still standing.

Other families said to be related to my 18th century Jamiesons of
Culleyramer are CRAIGS, JOHNSTONS and TOYS, though I have little
confirmation of this other than family oral tradition and some written =
passed down through generations. These sources suggest the families =
together to the Culleyramer area possibly from Loch Doon or Dumfries,
Scotland in the late 1600s, early 1700s (Many of them later emigrated to
Ontario around the same time as my Jamiesons, and settled in the same =
I would welcome any information from these families, both about the
migration from Scotland to Ireland, and anything that shows the =
of the Jamiesons to their Craig, Johnston and Toy "cousins".

Anybody with information/advice is welcome to post here or to e-mail me
(Jean) at family@xxxxxxxxxx.

Thanks so much!
Jean (Jamieson) Nielsen