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[4qd-bannvalley] Jamieson/Molyneux/Hill of Garvagh

Hello Jean,
I see that Doug Toye is responding to your post, and certainly he can
fill you in on Canadian links, which will be very interesting to tease
out. I am still in Ireland, though I have moved to Dublin, so I don't
live in the area anymore. I descend from Toyes; John Toye married Jane
Jamieson in 1808; they may have had  two or three children, but Jane
died and John Toye married again, and I descend from his second
marriage. So the Jamiesons would count as connections, but not
relatives of my line. There are other Jamiesons in the area, and they
marry into Torrens families that I am related to, so again connections
rather than relatives; these are from Movanagher, on the Bann side.
Have you been in touch with Alex Jamieson? I imagine you will have
been,, because he is in your  direct line and is in Canada. he and I
exchanged information. The Jamiesons are interesting; I came across an
early one who was a water bailiff or something on the Bann, and another
who was a ship's captain out of Derry. so they were a bit different
from the usual farmers.

Keep in touch; let me know if I can help