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[4qd-bannvalley] Re: Large messages - Mercer's Records

I have a photocopy of the London Times articles detailing poor law and
conditions in Kilrea and other Towns, I was hoping once I am switched to my
hotmail inbox to be able to type them here, They will be rather large, can
they then be copied and pasted to each reader's own computer's, and the
moderator can do same maybe to the bann valley site?
I may have the 1831 census on microfilm, will check, and if so, may be able
to do look ups for listers?
The PRONI have several rolls of microfilm of the Mercer's records the reel I
obtained had a visit describing conditions of an early visit to Kilrea,
starting with them getting the wagon stuck in the bog in a fog.
Not too sure if the Mormon Family history catalog has copies of the Mercers
films or not?