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[4qd-bannvalley] Jamieson/Molyneux/Hill of Garvagh

Hi Linde,

Thanks so much for getting in touch -- I have really respected all the
ideas/help/information you've given to the Bann Valley group over time. =
have been a list member for quite a while and always read about =
efforts and results with great interest, but I'm only emerging now =
because I
wanted to be sure I had as many facts as possible about my ancestors =
posting my own query.=20

I wish I knew who the Jane Jamieson married 1808 to John Toye belonged =
but the only Jane I know of conclusively on my Irish tree belongs to
Farmhill Archibald Jamieson (besides the Jane married to William's =
John, that is). I see other Janes mentioned in various Bann Valley =
but the parentage isn't listed. Frustrating! The Jane you mention could =
well have been a sister of my William. Who knows? The same goes for all =
other Jamieson names that keep cropping up for the first half of the =
century, in that area. Somehow I need to find the parentage so I can =
sketching out a tree showing who and where they all belong. I'm a =
novice at this so I'm expecting it will take a few =
It doesn't help that I'm in Canada, not Ireland -- and I'm not likely to =
to Ireland for a good while yet.

The Alex Jamieson you write of and I both go back to 1818 William -- =
branch stems from Canadian-born Judge Joseph Jamieson, a notable younger
brother of my John (that's the John who emigrated with his parents and
grandparents at the age of 1 year). We have been in touch and shared
records, though I haven't heard from him in over a year. I'll definitely =
sharing with him anything I learn here. Meanwhile, I'm not sure if I =
the information you sent Alex, so if you could duplicate that for me, I
would really appreciate it. That includes the water bailiff and the =
captain -- anything at all is fun to know about! That would also include
Jamiesons marrying into the Torrens family, as well -- of course! Though
without parentage and birthdates it still leaves me a bit in the dark.

Thank you again, Linde, for all your help,

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Hello Jean,
I see that Doug Toye is responding to your post, and certainly he can=20
fill you in on Canadian links, which will be very interesting to tease=20
out. I am still in Ireland, though I have moved to Dublin, so I don't=20
live in the area anymore. I descend from Toyes; John Toye married Jane=20
Jamieson in 1808; they may have had  two or three children, but Jane=20
died and John Toye married again, and I descend from his second=20
marriage. So the Jamiesons would count as connections, but not=20
relatives of my line. There are other Jamiesons in the area, and they=20
marry into Torrens families that I am related to, so again connections=20
rather than relatives; these are from Movanagher, on the Bann side.=20
Have you been in touch with Alex Jamieson? I imagine you will have=20
been,, because he is in your  direct line and is in Canada. he and I=20
exchanged information. The Jamiesons are interesting; I came across an=20
early one who was a water bailiff or something on the Bann, and another=20
who was a ship's captain out of Derry. so they were a bit different=20
from the usual farmers.

Keep in touch; let me know if I can help