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[4qd-bannvalley] Jamieson/Molyneux/Hill of Garvagh

Hello Pauline,
I'm sure these are the same Jamiesons. I'm not related to them, or not
directly;  though they married in two generations into the Torrenses of
the Lower Carragh, who were related twice over  to my Upper Carragh
family. I have over the years been in contact with Annie Fullerton of
New Zealand whose father grew up in the Lower Carragh. His mother was
my great great aunt. There may also have been a Jamieson woman who
married a Torrens in what may have been my direct line in the 1700s.
Anyhow, I keep an eye on Jamiesons!  Annie Fullerton sent me her notes
on the Movanagher Jamiesons, chiefly from the records of First
Kilrea.Here are a couple of  points that look as if they apply to your

This Jonathan Jamieson of Movanagher's wife was Jane Thompson. A
daughter unnamed married in 1834 John Browne of Moneydig, of Garvagh
congregation; witness was Wm Jamieson. A gravestone to Jane Jamieson of
Movanagher says she d. 1842 aged 70 years. Her H. Jonathan d. 1848 aged
88. On the same stone Hugh Jamieson, who may have been a son died 1881
aged 79 and his wife Elizabeth Henderson; she was daughter of William
Henderson, Crosslanes, which I think is up about Swatragh; they married
in 1851 acc. to the Coleraine Chronicle book. Their  dau. Annie
Elizabeth died 1911 aged 56. William Jamieson married Elizabeth
O'Neill. Mary Jamieson of Movanagher, dau. of a William, married John
Hanna of Finvoy in 1834, and there was a later marriage in 1849 between
James Hanna of Artnagross, Finvoy and a Sarah Jamieson, though Annie
Fullerton said this needs checked; it was hard to read.
An Eliza Jamieson married Lesley Mitchell. Some of these names might
ring a bell?

Now, something off the wall...
Coleriane Chronicle: 14 March 1868 Terrace Row Coleraine Archibald
third son William Irwin of Bushtown,(which is in Macosquin) and brother
of rev. Wm Irwin of  Bandon, co. Cork, to Jane dau. of John Reid,
Maghera. Presumably this is just a coincidental marriage, and not your
relatives? However, if you are related to these Irwins, then I can make
a far out connection!  Rev. Wm Irwin's wife was Eliza Huston, daughter
of rev. Clarke Huston and Anne Brown. Anne Brown was daughter of the
rev. James Brown of Garvagh, who made the 1821 Garvagh visitation list,
and  is or was my gt gt gt gt gt uncle. So I am a second cousin four
times removed of William Irwin's sister-in-law!!! It's fun to do this
sort of genealogical gymnastics every now and then.

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