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[4qd-bannvalley] Elizabeth Stewart

Sandi, Could you get back in touch with me?  I wanted
to ask you about your sources for Elizabeth Stewart
and have lost your email address.


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Subject: [4qd-bannvalley] Jamieson/Molyneux/Hill of Garvagh
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>From the book on Landowners in Ireland, 1876,
page 262, Hugh Rankin Morrison is shown as an owner of 116 acres, 3 perches
and 25 roods, with a valuation of 87 pounds 10 shillings. His address is
given as Moneydigg, Garvagh.

Records for the ownership of houses in the 1880s do exist. They were
originally held by the Valuation Office, Dublin, who still hold the records
apart from Northern Ireland.

For a fuller explanation, see




John W

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> Thanks, Linde -- what you say makes perfect sense! I'll add that
> into my notes. I guess at some point I can track that down by finding out
> which house Hugh Rankin Morrison owned back in 1883 -- if the records for
> that kind of thing still exist!
> Jean