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[4qd-bannvalley] This List Sucks !!!!

Richard, I am just about fed up with this list, Im sorry it is nothing to do
with the people on it, it is the fact that everytime I send an email to this
list it just dissapears into Cyberspace, Then when people want to reply to
my message I never receive them.

Ive had to go searching for my message as I didnt see it at all. So I have
to go onto the bann Valley website and search the Archives.
I know it has been a while since Ive sent a message to the list, and I
havent been working on Genealogy until this past few weeks, But now when I
have much to contribuite to the list , it seems I get thrown off !!
At Least thats how it feels.
Why cant this list be like any other List from which I am a member, at least
any other list I am a member of isnt as complicated as this one.
I wouldnt be supprised that many of our list members have left due to these

Ive just had a lot of Torrens data deliverred to me which I had sent away
for, It was from the LDS records. I can not send them yet incase they too
will dissapear into Cyberspace.

So I think a lot needs to be done to sort out this mess, and any other
members who has had the same complaints should now speak and let us all know
your  concerns. After all , a proper list would work to atract new members,
not push them away !!
All I know is that if this continues I may just get fed up and Unsuscribe.

Sorry about this , But I just feel angry.