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[4qd-bannvalley] ORR couple in London in 1901

In the 1901 census in London I found two Orr couples living at the same
address. James Orr, of the older of the two couples has his birthplace
recorded as Londonderry, Ireland - probably referring to the county rather
than the city, so this James is quite likely to come from the Bann Valley.

The address is 44 St Georges Ave, civil parish of Islington, ecclesiastical
parish of St Georges. RG13/162  , enumeration district 23, page 48. Details

James Orr        Head       56    Commercial Clerk    Londonderry Ireland
Frances Orr      Wife        51
Southampton Hants

Ernest E.Orr     Head        28    Bankers Cashier      London Holloway
Mabel Orr        Wife        30                                     London

The two couples have two Swiss boarders staying with them.
It seems quite possible that James is Ernest's father.

Maybe someone else in the list is interested in Orrs!

John Woods