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[4qd-bannvalley] Kilrea families Ontario

On 27-Feb-05, at 2:44 AM, <pok@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I have found a number of Kilrea families on the 1881 Canadian
> Census living in Ontario. Families include Reid, Irwin, McNeill
> etc. In Australia we have many examples of Chain Migration
> where families, singles, friends etc followed each other to the
> same area. Am I correct in assuming that this happened in
> Canada also? How can I find out what happened to these
> families? I haven't gone looking for Canadian connections
> before so all suggestions gratefully received.
> Thanks Pauline O'Keeffe Australia

Hello, Pauline --

I am very interested in these families ... didn't know they were there,=20=

in Ontario, but suspected they might be.  Our Samuel Kilpatrick & Jane=20=

M'Kay emigrated to Prescott in 1847.  Prescott is situated on the St=20
Lawrence River and very near the Qu=E9bec border.

The Kilpatricks of Lislea had ties with each of the family surnames you=20=

mentioned above.  Would you be willing to share that data?  I'm very=20
curious to know where these families ended up.  Also whether they=20
emigrated at more or less the same time as our Samuel & Jane.

As for chasing down these families in the records, civil registrations=20=

for BMDs commenced in Ontario in 1869.  The LDS have microfilmed the=20
indices and the related records.  So, if you have access to an LDS=20
Family History Centre, that would probably be the most cost-effective=20
way to go.  Will take some time, but at least, it can be done.

I don't live in Ontario now, having moved here to Nova Scotia almost=20
two years ago.  So, I no longer have access to these items and can't do=20=

this research myself.  Wish I could!

If you're interested in tracking down these families fast, there's=20
always hiring-the-commercial-researcher route.  I have a suggestion=20
that might aid this approach, so contact me off-list if that's what you=20=

decide to do.

Although civil registration didn't start in Ontario until 1869, there=20
are other sources for pre-1869.  In addition to church records (which=20
are spotty at best), one of the best pre-1869 resources is the County=20
and District Marriage Registers.  I don't know if these are available=20
for loan through an FHC.

I found the BMD pages hosted by the Ontario Archives *very* helpful in=20=

understanding what's what (and where) with Ontario records.  That=20
series of pages begins here:

Alison Causton
Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia