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[4qd-bannvalley] RE: Kilrea Families Ontario


Yes, I too have found families in Ireland from the same area migrating
to the same area in Ontario.

Do you know when your Reid, Irwin etc families went to Ontario?
I have a source of ship passengers from Londonderry and have found names
on the list which were neighbors of my Crockett / Creighton familes..one
being IRWIN.

I have found the passage of my gg-grandfather as:
Left Maghera, Ireland 7 May 1847 on the ship Leander (J&J Cooke Line)
and arrived in Quebec 12 Jun 1847.  George, Margaret, Eliza age 11,
Nancy age 7, Isabella age 4, Jane age 9 mos and Isabella Creighton.
Margaret and Isabella's father (John Creighton) arrived in Canada 1832/3
and was joined by sons Kennedy, James and daughter Nancy who came to
Upper Canada in 1834. All settled in the same township, county in
Ontario - in fact, the same road!   I know my Creighton family was from
Tamlaght O'Crilly as I have found them on the census.

In addition to Alison's suggestions, many births, deaths, marriages are
being / have been posted on  www.rootsweb.com/~onvsr/ (those after 1869)
+ the 1901 census is online (partially completed for some provinces) at

San Jose, CA