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[4qd-bannvalley] RE: Kilrea Families Ontario


May I ask who your crockett ancestors from Kilrea were.  Apols if you have
explained this before and I missed it.  Did any of the Crocketts marry into
the Bellinghams of Culmore, Kilrea?


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> Pauline,
> Yes, I too have found families in Ireland from the same area migrating
> to the same area in Ontario.
> Do you know when your Reid, Irwin etc families went to Ontario?
> I have a source of ship passengers from Londonderry and have found names
> on the list which were neighbors of my Crockett / Creighton familes..one
> being IRWIN.

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For those of you who are unaware, like I was until today, PRONI has maps to
go with the Griffiths Valuation Revision Books.  And, unlike the map for the
Griffiths Valuation itself in Macosquin, it has most of the houses marked,
not just the plots of land.  I now know for sure where my Grays lived on
Plot 5A in Coolyvenny and will visit it just as soon as the rain stops
(about August, I suspect.)