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[4qd-bannvalley] Bann Valley people in Bushmills.

Hello, I was looking through the Records of Bushmills Presbyterian Church a
few weeks ago and couldnt help notice the amount of people who were married
there who came from the Bann Valley area.
I know that some of these famillies are of interest to some of  the people
on this List, thats why I decided to take note of them all, after all, Some
of you may never have thought that some of  relations from the Kilrea &
Garvagh areas would end up getting Married as far north as Bushmills !!
Which is probably about 15 - 20 Miles away.

Anyhow, I hope some of these may help;-

22 Oct 1862, John McCook, age 28, Farmer, Movenis,son of John, Frmr.
X;- Mary Ann Givin, of Cavenmore, Dau of John , Frmr.
Wit;- ?? Ferguson, Thomas Davidson.

1 Dec 1870, Wilson Ritchie, Full age, Frmr, Kilrea, son of William, Frmr.
X;-  Lizzie McAllister, full age, Dunseverick, dau of  ??? McAllister.
Wit;- Sarah McAllister.

25 Dec 1873, William Camphell, full age, frmr, Vow ? son of Robert , frmr.
X;-  Susan Henry, age 20, Ballymoy, Parish of Billy, dau of Alex Henry,
Spirit Dealer.
Wit;- Henry Robinson, & Agnes Henry.

4 Jan 1886, James Alexander Jamison, Teacher, Drumreagh, son of John ,
X;-  Mary Jane McMullan, of Ballyoglagh, dau of John, Farmer.
Wit;- John Orr & Annie McMullan.

13 May 1886, James McNeal, Labourer, Mullahench ?? son of Joseph, Labourer.
X ;- Rosanne Wilkinson, of Dunseverick, dau of Robert, Labourer.
Wit;- Neal Wilkinson, & Anne Jane Colgan.

16 Sept 1896, William Ellison, Widower, Ballymoney, son of John, Frmr.
X;-  Mary Ann Linton, Ballymoney, dau of William, Frmr.
Wit;- Alex Donaghy, & Sarah Kirkpatrick.

23 Apr 1902, Hugh Fleming, Frmr, Vow, son of James, Frmr,
X;- Maggie Kennedy, of Moneydig, dau of William Kennedy, Frmr.
Wit;- John McKay & Lizzie McKay.

17 Sept 1907, Robert Turner, Widower, of Tamlaght, son of Alex, Frmr.
X;- Matilda Stuart, of Carnany, Ballymoney, dau of Moore Stuart, Frmr.
Wit;- Robert Adams, & Rossanna Stuart.

10 Sept 1908, William McCaw, Shopkeeper, Ballycraigagh, son of William
McCaw, Frmr.
X;-   Sarah Paul, of Portstewart, dau of John Paul, Frmr.
Wit;- Thomas McAleese & Mary McCaw.

16 Nov 1926, Mathew Fleming, Frmr, Moneycanon, Finvoy, son of William, Frmr.
X;-  Susan Fleming, of Carnanreagh ?? dau of Wilson Fleming, Frmr.
Wit;- A. Mogury ?  & Lillie Fleming.

14 Aug 1929, John Shirley, of Culcrow,Aghadowey, Son of Alex, Labourer.
X;- Minnie Taggart, of Ballyhemlin, dau of W.J. Taggart, Grocer.
Wit;- James McQueston, & Martha Taggart.

18 Jun 1930, George Killough, Frmr, of Newhill, Ballymoney, son of George,
X;-  Mary Carson McLean, of Ballymoney, dau of Thomas, Frmr.
Wit;- Alfred Reid Best, &  Jeanie Reid  Killough.

Any Questions about the People or the Places mentioned would be most
welcome, I just hope I can do my best to help as I live central to
Ballymoney , Bushmills, and the Bann Valley.

I hope these have been usefull.

Best Wishes,