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[4qd-bannvalley] Kilrea families Ontario

I have one family (two names) that I THINK came from the Bann valley, first
to Dundas county, and later moving slightly north to Russell/Carleton county
(Osgoode Twp, which changed counties after 1881).
He was Alexander McConnell, and may have been born in Scotland.  She was
Elizabeth Workman, born 1811 in Ireland. (I keep bringing them up in case we
have any new people or new information on this list.  I keep hoping someone
will stumble on an Irish marriage record for them in 1831.)

But there's a tangle of intermarried families in that area, and I've been
building a database of them.  If you (or anyone on this list) find any of
your people in my database, feel free to email me and I'll see if I can put
you in touch with some source material.  Maybe we can connect a few more

Coleen Christensen

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My ancestors from The Bann Valley settled in Dundas County, Ontario, Canada
about 1842 and, therefore, I have spent a considerable amount of time
researching this area. There were a considerable number of Bann Valley
families that settled in five Ontario counties bordering the St. Lawrence
River. The five counties are Glengarry, Leeds, Stormont, Dundas, and
Grenville with Irish and Scottish settlements as early as the late 1700s. A
good place to start is the Ontario Genweb at

Doug Toye