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[4qd-bannvalley] Crockett's

Hi Boyd,

My CROCKETT's are still a mystery!  Not a clue which family George born
abt Sep 1812 belongs to.  I only know from the ship list my
gg-grandfather is noted from Maghera.

Only recently, with the help from another researcher, I have found, what
I believe to be the marriage -
PARISH MAGHERA, Diocese Derry:  Baptisms, 4 September 1785-5 August
1850:  Marriages, 30 June 1798 - September 1860:  Burials, 20 March 1815
- 15 September 1860
1834:  #146 George CROCKETT to Peggy Jane CREIGHTON

At this time, I do not believe I have seen any reference to the
BELLINGHAM surname.  The surname which keeps appearing is KELSO and many
of the CREIGHTON children were named Kelso - either as first or middle
name + their cousins with the surname ENGLISH.  There has got to be a



May I ask who your crockett ancestors from Kilrea were.  Apols if you
have explained this before and I missed it.  Did any of the Crocketts
marry into the Bellinghams of Culmore, Kilrea?