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[4qd-bannvalley] Torrens LDS ; Death Records.

Hello, Just before Xmas I had sent away for some Marraige and Death
Certificates to Dublin for some Torrenses, I received them just a few weeks
ago, any of you who have seen the actual Indexes which I had transcribed and
are now on Lavonne Bradfields website will see some of these Indexes and the
Order Numbers beside them.
Any of you who wish to order some of these will need to use the Index Number
, The Poor Law Union, (ie;- Coleraine or Ballymoney) persons name etc.
It will be more of an advantage for anyone who lives near a Mormon / LDS
Family research centre for which some of the actual Certificates can be
found or send them to one which may have the available records.
For me, Coleraine has only the Indexes . They have the Births Certificates
which are from 1864 - 1870, the rest is all Indexes.

Anyhow, here is some of the actual Certificates which I recently received;-

Superintendant Registrars District of Ballymoney,  Registrars District of
Kilrea.  In the Poor Law Union of Ballymoney. in the County of Derry.

No 150; On 13 Aug 1878, Drumagarner,
John Torrens, Male, Married, 86 Years, Labourer,
Heart Disease,3 Years Certified.
 Informant, Mary Torrens, present at death,
Registered 19 Aug 1878, by Joseph Clarke.

No 172; On 23 Nov, 1878, Drumsara.
Hugh Torrens, Male, Married, age 86 Years, Farmer.
 Heart Disease, 6 Months Certified.
Informant, Elizabeth Torrens, present at death. Drumsara.
Registered 4 Dec 1878, by Joseph Clarke, The registrar.

Registrars District of Garvagh, Poor Law Union of Coleraine, in the County
of Derry.

No 75. 16 Apr 1879, Coolneman, Desertoghill,
Lydia Torrance, Female, Married, age 80 Years, Farmers Wife.
Natural Decay, Years Uncertified, No Medical Attendant.
Informant; Jane Torrance, present at the death, Coolneman.
Registered; 26 Apr 1879, by A ? McNeary.

No 97. 14 June 1879, Coolneman, Desertoghill,
John Torrance, Male, Widower, 82 years, Farmer,
Bronchitis, Three months uncertified. No Med Att.
Informant;- Jane Torrance, present at the death. Coolneman.
Registered; 23 June 1879.

NOTE;- This John Torrance could be a Brother to Hugh of Drumsara going by
his age, he would have been born about 1797 and would be about 23 in 1821
Census, at Coolneman at House No 43 we have a John T , age 22, weaver, son
of Hugh T .
I never seem to have much luck with the Johns in the Torrens family, but
this helps to track one down. Above john would have been his Wife Lydia, who
died a few months before him.
In 1st Garvagh Presbyterian Church, 17 Mar 1824,  we have a John Torrance,
Married Lydia Alexander, they were also living at Coolneman in the 1825
Visitation List.

No 277; 22 June 1871, Coolneman, Desertoghill.
Andrew Torrens, Male , Widower, age 91, Farmer.
Injuries to Throat by a Razor (Suicide) , (2 Days).
Informant;- Daniel Gailey, Coroner for the County of Londonderry.
Registerred;- 27 June 1871, by A. McNeary,

No.138;- 27 Oct 1887, Coolneman, Desertoghill,
William Torrens, Male, Widower, age 88 Years, Weaver.
Natural Decay Retention ?? of Urine. Certified.
Informant;- Margaret Torrens, daughter present at the death.Coolneman.
Registerred;- 31 Oct 1887. by A. McNeary.

NOTE;- This has to be the Wiliam Torrens who was son of Samuel and Mary
Ann,and one of the seven brothers.
I looked through the 1821 Census to see which William T he was and the only
one whos age that fits is William T  in House No 38. Not unless we have
another William who was a Blow-In !!!!
He must have got married in Moneydig Presbyterian when it was first built in
1836, and He would have been married during the gap when Moneydig didnt do
any notes of Church records until the 1845 onwards.
According to the Griffiths Valuations, He might be the same William who
lived at Coolneman in a house beside Andrew T, (his brother) or the same
house as Andrew T.

Ive also got my G,G,Grandparents Cerificates;-

No 266;- 3 Jan 1889, Coolneman, Desertoghill.
Samuel Torrens, Male, Married, age 63 years, Farmer,
Probably Paralyisis.  No Maedical Attendant.
Informant;- James Torrens, Son, present at the death. Coolneman.
Registerred;- 8 Jan 1889, by A. McNeary.

No 402;- 26 July, 1890, Coolneman, Desertoghill.
Eliza Torrens, Female, Widow, age 75 years,
Widow of Samuel Torrens, a Farmer.
Heart Disease, Uncertain Tropsy ?? & Debility ?? Certified.
Informant;-  Henry Watson, The person who found the body.Coolneman.
Registerred;- 7 Aug 1890, By A. McNeary.

Eliza Torrens was Elizabeth Henderson of Coolneman, Widow, daughter of James
Gilmore of Possibly Carnrallagh ??, she Married Samuel Torrens of Culneman,
son of Andrew Torrens, (Above) in Moneydig 1851.
Henry Watson who found her body would have been the father to Elizas son in
Law James Watson who married her daughter Martha Torrens.

I have some more but I think this may be enough for now. Besides, I dont
think Richard T likes long messages , And I certainly dont wish to offend !!

Best Wishes,