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[4qd-bannvalley] Re Mitchel(l)

<My Gr Grandmother Sarah (Brown) Mitchell is buried at Gavagh. Sarah and
William John Mitchell had 10 children, my Grandfather was the youngest. Two
of those children stayed in Ireland. The first,  Alexander married a Bessie?
and had three sons   Alex, Mervyn and Kenneth. Kenneth was butcher in
Ballymena, the second Margaret Jane married a Cathcart and had six children,
Robert, Willie. Tom, Sadie (married Jim Kernahan)  Nellie (maried Bill
Fearnall). Contact was lost when my great Aunt died in the 1960's.
I have been trying to search for the death of William John Mitchell who
apparantly died when my  Grandfather was very young, he was born 24 Dec 1888
at Boveedy. I  had a search done by PRONI but have not been able to find
anything.  >

Have you tried the Ulster Covenant signatures which are available on the
There is a William J Mitchell (signed Mitchel) from Ballymenagh, Garvagh,
sigend at the 1st Pres Church in Garvagh, 1912.  I don't know if this is the
right time-frame, but might be a relative at least ??? The censuses of 1901
and 1911 might help if you know the location ??

Billy Scott