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[4qd-bannvalley] Re Mitchel(l)

Many thanks Billy  will try this , the time frame is wrong for my Gr
Grandfather but could be his eldest son who had the same name. I will be
looking for his death sometime in the 1890's.
Many Thanks


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> <My Gr Grandmother Sarah (Brown) Mitchell is buried at Gavagh. Sarah and
> William John Mitchell had 10 children, my Grandfather was the youngest.
> Two
> of those children stayed in Ireland. The first,  Alexander married a
> Bessie?
> and had three sons   Alex, Mervyn and Kenneth. Kenneth was butcher in
> Ballymena, the second Margaret Jane married a Cathcart and had six
> children,
> Robert, Willie. Tom, Sadie (married Jim Kernahan)  Nellie (maried Bill
> Fearnall). Contact was lost when my great Aunt died in the 1960's.
> I have been trying to search for the death of William John Mitchell who
> apparantly died when my  Grandfather was very young, he was born 24 Dec
> 1888
> at Boveedy. I  had a search done by PRONI but have not been able to find
> anything.  >
> Have you tried the Ulster Covenant signatures which are available on the
> 'Net?
> There is a William J Mitchell (signed Mitchel) from Ballymenagh, Garvagh,
> sigend at the 1st Pres Church in Garvagh, 1912.  I don't know if this is
> the
> right time-frame, but might be a relative at least ??? The censuses of
> 1901
> and 1911 might help if you know the location ??
> Billy Scott