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[4qd-bannvalley] Re Mitchel(l)

Thank you for your reply. Samuel DeVenne Jr. is my great grandfather. We are
traveling to N.I. April 4 and 5 th to do some hunting and of course I am
grasping at any straws. Samuel was the only one in the family born in the
USA in Pa. My mother and Grandmother were both Isabells -I just missed the
name  !  I just heard this Christmas from a cousin that Samuel Sr. was
supposedly born in Coleraine. Isabella in Gavagh and another great
grandmother (Annie White)in Limavady.
They (the Samuel DeVennes) lived in Philadelphia for a while ,down from N.B.
Canada, where I know quite a few Pauls went . Must have been some family
there. I have the faint memory that Isabella MIGHT have been from Quaker
stock but not sure .
Margie Campbell