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[4qd-bannvalley] Kilrea families Ontario (Ellis in Springhill Cemetery, Osgoode Twp.)

I also have the MIs for Springhill cemetery, which is much larger than
Reid's Mills and not included in the OCFA.
It occurred to me to check there also.  There wasn't much for Ellis, but a

Many younger people who grew up in Mountain Twp moved to Osgoode when they
grew up, as land was still available there.

Neil D. Ellis 1928-1977
Beloved husband of A. Jean Wilkes.

Gerard Allan (Mickey)  Sept 8, 1918 - Mar 23,1992
Husband of Rita Pearl Rudman May 10, 1921 - ____
Florence Davies  1916 - 1999
Wife of Ed Ellis, sister of Gerard

Edna Royle  1900 - 1988
Beloved wife of William John Ellis  1904 - 1996
Stewart Wesley Ellis  1904 - 1996

Stewart B. James  1917-1970
His wife Edna Avis Ellis 1925 - 2000
Coleen Christensen

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Hi Coleen,

If you could please, I would appreciate a look-up for any Ellis surnames in
that cemetery, as I had family in Mountain Twp., although Reid's Mills is
not familiar to me, you never know!