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[4qd-bannvalley] McAleese/McLees

Hi Molly,

I am having second thoughts on whether they are the
same family.  The McAleeses I have been tracking were
from Lismoyle.  They are recorded in the Boveedy
Presbyterian Church and the Graveyard there.  One of
Robert McAleese' sons was a Stewart McAleese but from
the Communicants Records in the Church he always
attended alone making me think he never married.  He
was buried in the Boveedy G Y.  Those records are on
Richards site.

I would be interested to know whether you think there
is a connection.  The name Robert doesn't seem to be
passed down in your line.  The more I look at it the
more I think there was further back.

I did find a death for an Archibald McAleese the other
day, and have sent to Dublin for the complete record.
He died in 1872, aged 79.  He was born abt 1793 and, I
think, a brother of Robert McAleese (1794-1871).  One
of Robert's children, Daniel McAleese, named his fifth
son Archibald...sooo very likely a connection here

I also have Stewart McAleese, son or Robert, with a
sister Margaret McAleese who married a James Stewart
in 1851. I just got this marriage record.  Her father
was Robert of Lismoyle and his was Thomas Stewart of
Lismoyle.  I only have records for 2 of their

Robert McAleese and Mary Stewart (don't know her
father) had the following children: Stewart
(1817-1890), Margaret (1819-1903),Jane (1823-1885),
Martha (1825-????), Unknown female, Daniel
(1832-1913)(Elder of Boveedy Church), Elizabeth
(1834-????).  That is all I have records of.

Robert McAleese also appears to have had a brother
named Daniel McAleese (1795-1869).

I think the Stewarts and McAleeses may have gone back
another generation together from the looks of it.

I looked on my map and Cah is a little north of
Garvagh and Gortnamoyah was west of Garvagh.

I was interested to see Caa mentioned in 1850
Visitation.  I had never seen that on Lavonne's site
so will add that to the data.....see what works out.

Barbara Braswell

--- Molly McLees <mmclees@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I am new to this website, but am excited about the
> possibilities. We had found a
> great-great-grandfather in the Bann Valley,  in the
> Parish of Errigal, his name recorded as farming  a
> piece of land in the Valuation of Tenements, but had
> so far no record of birth, marriage or death. Now
> through this site I have found his family in the
> Visitation record of the First Garvagh Presbyterian
> Church for 1850.
> It reads:
> Page 42, Visited in Caa 19 Dec 1850
> Several names listed
> Page 44
> Stuart McAleese
> Jane wife
> N of chil
> Thos also Archd
> Margaret also Jas
> Jane also Betty
> Mary
> Does anyone have any connection to the name
> McAleese, or McLees as my great-grandfather became
> when he emigrated to Scotland?
> Is the place "Caa" an abbreviation? Of what?
> We believed the Townland to be Gortnamoyagh but I
> have not found it in present day maps.
> Other family names are:
> Stuart m. Jane Crawford Glen abt 1830
> 2 previously known children: Margaret and James (my
> g-grandfather)
> Other children listed: Thomas, Archibald, Jane,
> Betty, Mary
> Stuart's sister Margaret m. William Dobbins June 23,
> 1860 in Coleraine, a widower
> James m. Elizabeth Porter Jan. 19, 1860 in
> Gortnamoyagh, Parish of Errigal
> Children, all born in Scotland: Emma, David Porter,
> Samuel James,(my grandfather), Stewart, Margaret
> Johnson, named for her maternal grandmother, Thomas
> Stewart, Archibald Smith
> Note family names are carried over 3 generations in
> several instances e.g. Archibald
> I would love to hear from anyone who might have some
> connection, if not the names, then to the areas of
> Garvagh, Gortnamoyagh, "Caa"
> Molly McLees