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[4qd-bannvalley] Re: McAleese/McLees

In article <001701c521a7$e9f43d40$0c00a8c0@gateway02ec5fa>,
   Molly McLees <mmclees@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


> Is the place "Caa" an abbreviation? Of what?

> We believed the Townland to be Gortnamoyagh but I have not found it in
> present day maps.


> I would love to hear from anyone who might have some connection, if not
> the names, then to the areas of Garvagh, Gortnamoyagh, "Caa"

The visitation index has a link to a page

This gives map references of most of the places in the visitations which
we have been able to identify.

Cah and Gortnamaigh are listed.

There is also a page:
http://www.4qd.org/bann/Geography/placenames.html Bann Valley place names.
which identifies most of the places in the www site!

I seem to have stopped adding to this later page as I get no assistance
from list members - maybe nobody is aware of this page?

If listers will feed me additions to this page, they can be added.

If listers don't feed additions to me, then they won't be added!