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Re [4qd-bannvalley] Townland of Cah

Good Morning Derek,

Thank you for taking an interest in my research.  All the data that you
forwarded to me will be filed with my PAUL information because as of now I
see no link.  I recently had a real find through a picture of the graveyard
at Main Street Presbyterian Church, Garvagh.  On my great parents grave was
a fresh bouquet of flowers, telling me there had to be some kin in the area.
I will not burden you with the details, but I found 6 second cousins.  Up to
this time I knew nothing of my paternal lineage other than the name of my
grandmother and her two sister who emigrated to the USA.

I thought it might be of help to someone if I would give some data on my
lineage and you can decide if it would be of help to someone on the Bann
Valley list.

Robert Cunningham
    Alexander Cunningham, Sr. b. 1826 Liscall, Co. Derry d. 15 Nov 1891
    m.1 June 1854  Garvagh Presbyterian Church to Margaret Paul b. 1830
    Clubhill, Co. Derry d. 4 Nov 1877 Liscall.  She was the daughter of John
and         Annie Paul.  He. m. #2 Jennie ? d. 25 Oct 1900 Liscall.
        1. Annie b. 1 Oct 1855 Liscall d. 10 Mar 1932 and m. 1 Nov 1886 to
            Scott in Philadelphia.  (They returned to Ulster where Charles
        2. Elizabeth b. 1857 died in infancy
        3. Sarah b. 18 July 1859 Liscall d. 11 June 1936 Philadelphia and m.
            Mar. 1884, Philadelphia, PA. to Richard Jones. (This is my
        4. Robert b. 1862 Liscall, d. 30 Dec 1864 Liscall
        5. Margaret b. 6 Jun 1864 Liscall, d. 24 Apr 1943 Philadelphia
        6. John Paul b. 7 Jan 1867 Liscall, died in infancy
        7. Alexander, Jr. b. 5 Oct 1871 Liscall d. 28 Jan 1948 Gartnomaynah
            m. #1 Ann Stewart, #2 Margaret Jane Andrews on  18 Oct 1921
        8. James b. 1876 Liscall d. ca 1905 and m. Mary Jane Gilmore

I am willing to share all my data with anyone who is researching these

Theda J. Brinker