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[4qd-bannvalley] More LDS Torrens Death Records.

Hi, I hope this message gets through to both the Torrens & Bann Valley
Lists, Ive had a lot of sorting out to do on my computer so I hope there
will be no complications this time.

Here are some more LDS Death Records.

Registrars District of Aghadowey, Poor Law Union of Coleraine.
26 June 1872, Carnrallagh, Aghadowey.
John Torrens, Married, age 83 years, Labourer.
Died of Bronchitis, One Month, Certified.
Informant;- Ann Torrens, Present at the death, Carnrallagh.
Registerred;- 2 July 1872, by  Alex Law ??

NOTE;- I looked for this John in the 1821 Census when he should have been
born about 1789/90 he would have been about 31 in the Census, I found a John
T who was head of House No 48, Coolneman, he was a Weaver and Married to
Margaret .

There is also a John Torrens who was a watchman at Ballydevit, who Married a
Widow, Ann Dempsey , Ballygawley in 1851 at Coleraine Reg Office, Could be
more likely to be this John as Ballydevitt is as close as one can get to
Carnrallagh. or perhaps the John T of Coolneman, may have moved around to
find work and perhaps he married twice after his first wife died !!!

Registrars District of Garvagh, Poor Law Union of Coleraine.
31 Dec 1884, Ballynameen, Desertoghill,
Nancy Torrance, Widow, age 86, Widow of Labourer,
Natural Decay, Time Certified,
Informant;- William McIlfatrick, Present at the death. Ballinameen.
Registerred;- 1 Jan 1885, by A McNeary.

NOTE;- This may have been the Nancy Paterson who was married in 1857 in
Coleraine Reg. Office to a Widower, Alexander Torrence, of Garvagh , son of
James Torrence.

Registrars District of Coleraine, Poor Law Union of Coleraine.
17 Dec 1873, Workhouse , Coleraine.
Alexander Torrens, Married, age 76 years, Labourer.
Cause;- Old Age, Certified.
Informant;- William Henry, Cheif Resident Officer, Coleraine Workhouse.
Registerred;- 19 Jan 1874, By Richard ? McIntire ?

NOTE;- Again I searched the 1821 Census for this Alexander Torrens and there
was only two Alex Ts who would be about the right age, Alexander T of
Moyletra, Farmer, But more than likely it was the Alex T of Movenis, who was
a Labourer and Married to a Mary.

We also have to remember that Kernahan and others didnt get all the
Torrenses who were in the 1821 Census, Like those Torrens families around
Drumagarner etc.

Registrars District of Bushmills, Poor Law Union of Coleraine. in the County
of Antrim.
7 Oct 1867, Craigaboney, Dunluce Parish.
Mary Torrens, Married, age 33 Years, Wife of a Labourer.
Cause of death;- Post Partium ? Haemorrhage, 12 Hours Certified.
Informant;- Ann Kane, present at the death, Craigaboney.
Registerred;- 22 Oct 1867, by J Macaw, Registrar.

NOTE;- This would probably have been Mary McClements who was married to a
Alexander Torrens, who lived at Craigaboney, Bushmills, they had 3 children,
William, (1862) , Nancy (1864) & Rose Ann T who was baptised in Dunluce
Parish Church in 24 Nov 1867, Just over a month after her mothers death, I
assume this Mary could have died during or after childbirth, as there were
no other Torrenses living around Craigaboney that I know of.
Alexander Torrens must have remarried as his son James T, was Baptised in
1870 in Dunluce Parsih Church and his address was at Craigaboney and his new
wife was Eliza McKeown/ McKeeman ??

That is all the Death records I have in the Meantime, I hope to send for
more next week.
I still have some Marraige records to  post to the List which I hope to do
next week also.
Meantime I hope this has been helpfull.

Best Wishes,