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[4qd-bannvalley] LDS Torrens Marraiges;

Hello, Here are some Torrens Marraiges from the LDS Indexes which I
recently received.

MARRAIGE solemnized at Churchtown , in the Parish of Tamlaght O"Crilly, Co
11th ? March 1853, James Anderson, age 30, farmer, of Magheramore   son of
James Anderson, Labourer.
To Martha Torrens, age 22, spinster, Coolneman, daughter of Andrew Torrens,
Witnesses;- Samuel Torrens, & John Boyd.
Married by the Rev Robert Torrens.

NOTE;- Is there anyone on the Bann Valley List know anything about these
Anderson or any Anderson family ??  I would like to know as this Martha
Torrens is a sister to my G, G,Grandfather, He was the Samuel who was the
witness at the wedding.
I always knew that Andrew T had a daughter Martha who was in the 1821 Census
and the 1825 visitation List. But she must have died as this Martha would
have been born about 1831 if she was 22 in 1853 when she got married.
Andrew seemed to have a habit of calling his children the same names and
must of had a lot of  infant deaths if we look at the Baptisms of 1st
Garvagh he has about  4 Agnes and 3 Margarets !!

MARRAIGE Solemnized in Registrars Office, Coleraine, in the District of
13 Mar 1852, Thomas McKendry, Full age, Tailor, of Bushmills, Parish of
Billy, Co Antrim, son of Alexander McKendry, Labourer.
To Mary Torrence, fullage, Tailor, of Bushmills, Parish of Billy, daughter
of Alexander Torrence, Labourer.
Witnesses;- James Kane, & William Cain.

NOTE;- This Mary T, could be a sister of the Alexander T, whos wife Mary
whos death I mentioned in my Last email, remember there was a  Annie Kane
present at the time of death. There could be some connection as there isnt
many Torrenses around Bushmills in those days that I know of.  It seems
funny that one of my own sisters Married a McKendry and another Married a
Kane both men from the Parish of Billy, near Bushmills.
Seems rather Ironic !!, Who knows, they may have married their own relations

MARRAIGE Solemnized at the Registrars Office in the Town of Ballymoney.
16 Aug 1852, William King, 36 yrs, Widower, Labourer, of Dervock, Parish of
Derrykeighan, son of William King, Labourer.
To Rose Anne Torrans, full age, Servant, of Dervock, Parish of Derrykeighan,
daughter of Alexander Torrans, Labourer.
Witnesses;- James Given, & Anne Jane Moon.

NOTE;- I wonder of this Rose Ann T is a sister of the Mary mentioned above
?? Dervock isnt far from Bushmills and if this is the same Alexander T as
above and because of his occupation being a Labourer would mean he could
move around depending on where work was available at the time.
I know that the Alexander T of  Craigaboney, Bushmills whos wife Mary had
died had a daughter called Rose Ann born in 1867.  She may have been called
for after her fathers sister perhaps !!
There are still people of the surname "King" in Dervock today
It is also interesting that a Witness at the wedding being a Anne Jane Moon,
The surname Moon isnt that comon in North Antrim but is definatley an
Aghadowey Surname .

MARRAIGE Solemnized at The Registrars Office, Town of Ballymoney.
2 Dec 1856, James Armour, 50 yrs, Widower, Weaver, of Craigs, Parish of
Finvoy, son of James Armour, Farmer.
To Nancy Torrance, 30 yrs, of Craigs, Parish of Finvoy, daughter of James
Torrans, Labourer.
Witnesses;- James D Cuffey ?? & John Kirkpatrick.

Im afraid that is all the Certificates I have at the meantime, But I hope
these will be usefull to some of you.

Best Wishes,